Mithila doing office work during shooting

Mithila doing office work during shooting

Entertainment Desk:Mithila, a happy model-actress who has been working for BRAC International for a long time. Since the inception of Corona, she has been a regular office worker under Work from Home. That is why she is now able to act in dramas, telefilms and movies more freely than before. Because during the shooting, Mithila was able to get involved with the official work by taking the laptop with the permission of the director. She can also attend the meeting. Those who are working with Mithila are accepting her busy schedule and making dramas, telefilms and even movies about her.

Mithila has also acted in four / five plays on last Eid. This Eid seems to be a little more than that, said Mithila. Mithila said that she has already completed the work of the play ‘Ami Mithila Na’ directed by Gautam Kairi. The play is based on the story of two people who look alike. Mithila got a lot of fun by acting in this play. The short film ‘Tia Pakhi’ written by Manzrul Shibli, directed by Abu Hayat Mahmud, ‘Ibrahim Darsadhah’ directed by Hasan Rezaul, ‘Together’ directed by Preeti Dutt and a play on Father’s Day have been completed.

She has also completed the work of the play ‘Antarjali Jatra’ written and directed by Rakesh Basu. Mithila has also started work on a telefilm titled ‘Sahasika’ directed by Tanim Rahman Anshu from yesterday. Her co-stars in this telefilm are Ashish Khandaker, Manoj and many more. Speaking about working this Eid, Mithila said, “Honestly, I always miss acting. Now I can work a lot independently. Because I still work from home – that’s how I work. In between shootings, with the permission of the director, I do not sit on the laptop office or attend emergency meetings. I have done some very good script work. There are some better scripts at hand.

However, due to the lockdown in Corona, the work of my first movie (Amanush directed by Ananya Mamun) is stuck. Within a few days Mithila will be working in three dramas of Abu Hayat Mahmud, Gautam Kairi, Ahnaf Arif. Mithila, meanwhile, is pursuing a PhD in Early Childhood Education.

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